Nikki starts admiring and complimenting with the customers at the Khaki Barn so she can earn more money to buy Jonesy new skates, but when she accidentally calls Jonesy on one of the new cell phones Caitlin gave all of them, he overhears her flirting with one of the customers and thinks she’s cheating on him. Jen Masterson Stacey DePass Nikki and Jonesy find a perfect candidate named Dax who is an old friend of Nikki’s, but Caitlin feels that the guy that she found, Dougray, is even more perfect. Jonesy, having gotten a new job at the amusement park, offers to sneak them in for a day off. Wong, doesn’t think Jonesy is right for Nikki so she attempts to interfere in her daughter’s relationship with Jonesy by setting her up with other boys in the mall. They both swear secrecy, but end up telling the rest of the gang. Start your free trial. Jen ends up going to the amusement park, where Coach Halder catches her and puts her on probation, she however, doesn’t care and continues having fun.

Meanwhile, Caitlin loses the will to shop. Jonesy tries to cheer up Wyatt by taking him on a double-date. Jen falls in love with Coach Halder’s son, and then tries to break up with him when she discovers that he is a jerk. Olympic athlete Travis Gibson visits the mall to meet Jen, but Jen won’t spend time with him because of the time Travis threw a rock right at her forehead back in grade 2 and gave her a nasty scar. Jude also gets addicted to Burger McFlippster’s ragin’ cagin’ fries. When Jonesy is fired from yet another job, Nikki goes out on a limb and scores him a job at The Khaki Barn. Jonesy can’t seem to remember where he got hired for a new job.

When Caitlin sees how sad Ron is without his job, she gets him to hang out with them.

Search for ” Clonesy ” on Amazon. Meanwhile, some of the girls in the mall, led by Tricia, want clonesu get back at their boyfriends for doing epiisode, dumb and mean things around or to them, until Caitlin and Jen discover that Tricia’s feminist kick is really a scam to try to turn Caitlin and her friends against each other.

Caitlin tries to find a way to fix the blender after one of her giant earrings dropped into it, but both she and Jen develop crushes on the repairman who comes to fix the blender.

Meanwhile, Jude destroys a copy of Wayne’s beloved film and is afraid that Wayne will fire him. Clonesyy needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references.


6teen Season 3 Episode 14 [Full Episode] – Dailymotion Video

A gender war divides the group when Jonesy works at the Penalty Box and proves clomesy be a better salesman than Jen. Jen then assigns Jonesy to take care of baby Emma on her behalf while she works. Caitlin’s old friend, Tricia, ends their friendship because of Caitlin getting a job which leads to both of them in future disagreements.

When Nikki finds out about this, she feels betrayed and hits Jonesy with a chair.

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Jude wakes up and finds that he was dreaming. When Nikki’s friends do a going-away party at Grind Me for her, Nikki’s parents said they would stay as her father would keep his old job, but Nikki cponesy and admits that it should clonesj time cloneys her to “grow up” and that she should finally make some self-sacrifice after everything that her parents have done for her.

Meanwhile, Jude races his Zamboni against Ron the Rent-a-cop to see which vehicle will stay at the mall. Clnoesy wants to ask Nikki to the dance, but instead goes with the “Hottest Girl” in school, Wyatt and Caitlin want to “score” their “dream dates,” but are worried they might humiliate themselves trying, and Jude is worried about the fact that Ron the “Rent-a-cop” bans him from the mall and that he might be banned forever.

Meanwhile, Jude borrows this highly concentrated lotion from Jen,which pretty much paralyzes him, and he shows up on the date, when Jonesy and Nikki are about to KISS, and they end up having to help Jude.

Soon, the gang feels guilty after the whole mall knows all Jen’s deepest secrets. Jen, Caitlin, and Wyatt try to stop their relationship dead in its tracks out of fear that if it fails, their friendship might be in danger. After Jonesy claims that Jen cannot go an evening without telling others what to do, he turns the claim into a bet with the whole gang staking some money.

The guys have a bit of a shock when all three girls’ cycles synch up and they all start behaving — well — differently. Jen’s jealous throughout the whole episode. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. But it isn’t until Courtney leaves them all hanging in the wind and Jen is the only one to bail them out that the gang all realize that they already had the cooler sister’s affection — Jen.

Jonesy makes his own version of “Prank TV,” using a video camera to tape Nikki. Wyatt is failing gym and Jen helps him.

6teen Season 3 Episode 14 [Full Episode]

Nikki doesn’t accept Caitlin as a friend, since she has known the others since kindergarten. And so Jonesy admits that he likes Nikki.


Caitlin has paid up the credit debt she accrued a long time ago and is free to go, so she quits her job. Nikki starts admiring and complimenting with the customers at the Khaki Barn so she can earn more money to buy Jonesy new skates, but when she accidentally calls Jonesy on one of the new cell phones Caitlin gave all of them, he overhears her flirting with one of the customers and thinks she’s cheating on him.

Season 1 Episode 14 – Clonesy Enjoy!! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. So when Jonesy tries to ask Nikki out, She gives him a flat out no. As the wedding between Jonesy’s Dad and Jen’s Mom approaches, it’s all too clear that the amalgamation of the two families is not going to be smooth sailing. But her not-so-subtle plan to get more one-on-one Jonesy time isn’t going as Jen’s big sister is back from college where she flunked out after second year and Jen is horrified when she starts hanging out with her gang.

6teen S1E14 – Clonesy

Alan Park guest stars as Tim. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and C,onesy Policy. Jonesy keeps pranking Jen, much to her dismay, so Jen tries to get revenge on Jonesy by fighting fire with fire and pranking him badly.

In fact at first the girls are confused too Caitlin falls for a guy named Sawyer, but she feels the needs to make her breasts bigger since Sawyer is into large-chested girls. Also, Jonesy has an argument with Nikki over her style, and Caitlin’s blender is broken, which stands in the way for the bonus that she wants. She finds herself a “fake date” to make her plan work, and Jude is the one who must become her boyfriend for a couple of hours.

Using a song that describes how great his friends are, Wyatt wins an idol competition taking place in the mall and becomes famous. Meanwhile, bullying girls at the escalator hold Jen’s house keys and Jude’s old skateboard hostage. After this happens, they attempt to apply at Taj Mahome video, but the managers kick them both out without even looking at their resumes.