Einzbern Consultation Room And why her searing hot tears streamed from her eyes a single goblet with three flowers manifested themselves onto her right hand. Something in the midst of her mind was trying desperately to surface to make her see, hear, and feel and it scared her more than anything…because she wants all of that. A room with two couches and a table in the middle. Takeuchi, Takashi Character Design. Oct 27, 8: Crossroad of Fate 9. Edit Opening Theme No opening themes have been added to this title. Help improve our database by adding background information here.

She leaned onto the girl while fake sobbing and groaning -for real- about the amount of stuff she had to learn and all the terrible teachers saying all that bad stuff about her. When she finally came to a halt, night had already settled around the city. I mean think about it. The next chapter is title “Crossroad of Fates” and will feature a very interesting mash up! TalismanG1 All reviews 47 people found this review helpful. Help improve our database by adding an opening theme here.

Her fingernails dug into the material, feeling the rotten wood and how it gave in to her ministrations.

Please! Einzbern Consultation Room | Episode 5 & 6 – REACTION & REVIEW

Far far into something that shouldn’t exist. That little gesture with her hand and she couldn’t help but feel the pain in her chest growing and nearly breaking her apart. And her grandpa was a real sourpuss when it came to her staying out this late.

Just In All Stories: Her eyes didn’t leave the piece of wood, drawing closer to it while mustering every ounce of strength she could conslutation to lift it off the ground. We saw their tears and despair and relished while the twisted turns of fate moved on their own accord. The unfamiliar voice of a woman broke them off of each other. Help improve our database by adding an opening theme here. There wasn’t an old man dressed in red with two red haired kids on his lap smoking a candy cigar sitting right in front of them.


Anyway I hope that the consulltation bits of this chapter brought a smile to your lips! Ranked Popularity Members 25, When she woke up the next morning, the same images returned to her mind. But since she couldn’t let her epixode or body lay around lazily like a bum she decided to get up.

A slab of wood, laying on the damp grass met her eyes. Right as she was about to take off, her eyes lingered consulfation a slap of wood laying damp on the grass a few feet away from her.

And to throw Taiga in this was just an added bonus. TalismanG1 All einabern 47 people found this review helpful. It wasn’t possible and that prank from the other day was surely a one time happenstance.

I mean think about it. Oct 27, 8: How would she know something like this? It too Neko a few seconds to understand what she just said, time she used to get just out of reach “Isn’t your uncle in the police force?

But while her body died, her spirit traveled. Why did she think those thinks were going to happen? She didn’t regret it, even when “Neko” grabbed her face forcefully, and instead laughed like her life depended on it. Ilyasviel’s Big brother or Sister?


She didn’t know why. Rin Tohsaka vs Loneliness 3. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Person after person entering to receive something. Water molecules always stick together 7.

Just a day ago she had been here, nearly drowning from the epispde of coffee she forced herself to drink and laying still until the morning came.

She didn’t understand anything.

Fate/Zero: Onegai! Einzbern Soudanshitsu – Episode 4 –

The only thing she was aware of was that she laid in the middle of a forest in only her track suit and the ashes of a once great campfire dispersing in the air. A castle like building with countless windows.

Why was she seeing all of that. Sky All reviews 19 people found this review helpful. She knew this place. Time came to a halt. But there are those who do not want that and scream at the stupid Adults: Join Irisviel as she helps Disciple No.

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