Each input is fully buffered with proprietary discrete circuits for accurate signal transfer. In addition to fully balanced differential topology, the S2 uses current feedback implemented with six HDAM-SA modules for faster response and lower noise. To be sure, the power rating remained the same, but the manner in which this power is provided is now much more accomplished. They also sounded more detailed. As did the original, this contemporary masterpiece redefines the art of audio amplification. The Marantz review samples came to me triple-boxed — a nice touch, and an early sign that the company really cares about its gear. The Techno Deal Well, there’s that watts into 8 ohms, and watts into 4 ohms for starters, power that is certainly well above the norm. At the time, those were certainly some of the most desirable hi-fi pieces.

That’s it, which means for a slim and uncluttered remote control. I did own a McIntosh preamp for a short time, followed by a succession of electronics including a Heathkit, a Fairchild 50 watt wow! Believe me, that was quite an interesting experience; it placed the differences between excellent all tube amplification and excellent all solid state amplification in some contrast. I am, however, not going to kill the messenger here, the MA-9S2. Although this “brute force” approach might be adequate for some, the S2 incorporates several advances designed to further improve sound quality. The Marantz MA-9S2 power amplifiers have served me exceedingly well and I recommend interested parties to give this product a serious listen.

It is a beauty in every sense of the word, and is, in my opinion, even more stunning than any of the pictures that have appeared in brochures and other literature; it is obvious that the fit and finish clearly belongs in the as-good-as-it-gets category. It gets no scarier than that, for K.

The “mute” position is very handy when changing input cables since the amps do not have to powered down during this task. Noise was lowered and a choke input power supply was implemented. They quickly sold out, and Marantz found himself with an enormous backlog of orders. This was not a common design philosophy for home audio products in those days.

Although this “brute force” approach might be adequate for some, the S2 incorporates several advances designed to further improve sound quality. The lower register and mid-range of the male voices is very smooth and beautifully reproduced. I can remember lusting after Marantz equipment some 50 years ago. I would rate this serjes as one of the best test CDs ever if marrantz because of track The depth and timber of the drums are palpable — the stretched surface clearly evident.


This was a not a case where the amp could not handle the load complexities that an electrostatic speaker presented, but rather because the King Audio speaker is quite a bit less sensitive than its dynamic brethren. The back is filled with top-quality phono connectors for all inputs and two sets of unbalanced outputs, plus XLRs for balanced input and output.

According to Marantz, shortly they will be releasing upgraded versions of the Models 7 and 9, most of the changes will be with the preamp. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Page 1 Page 2. The Model 9 monoblock amp had an RMS output of 70 watts, 40 watts in triode configuration, utilizing EL34 output tubes, and weighed in at nearly 60 lbs.

The staying power of the Am-9s1 brand is something that Saul Marantz did not envision when he first launched his company way back in Back then that was the world of high fidelity with other front runners such as Bozak, H. The speakers are angled in and cross just in front of where I sit.

Marantz SC-7S1 Preamp and MA-9S1 Amp Reviewed

The MA-9S2 monoblocks have been in my system for the last 18 months. As my neighbors can attest, the Marantzes could play loud without ever losing their composure while driving my MartinLogan Summit X electrostatic speakers. I needn’t tell you that this is one marabtz system. That proposition would now decisively be put to the test.

This is not always easy to do. Marantz, therefore included frequency equalization for all analog disc formats available at that time. The recording is beautifully balanced with great accompaniment maranfz this stirring LP.

These form a circuit capable of 0. With all the ups and downs that occurred in the intervening years, it was an auspicious event when, inthe then current brain trust of Marantz saw ka-9s1 to commemorate the name’s 50 year anniversary. This is something that prospective purchasers should consider.

Marantz Reference Series MA-9S1 Brochure & Specs

Shottky barrier diodes provide rectification for the voltage amplification stage to eliminate subtle ripples that can negatively impact overall clarity. While developing the MA-9S2, Marantz looked at the internals of modern speakers and realized that the large magnetic circuits along with sophisticated crossover networks can, at times, present large back EMF conditions as well as introduce complex reactive loads that the output of power amplifiers have to handle.


For power conditioning and distribution, the SC-7S2 uses low-ESR equivalent series resistance electrolytic storage capacitors, which are both efficient and quick to discharge, to produce excellent voltage on demand. A review maratz the specs indicated that all of the voltages, etc. Shottky barrier diodes provide rectification for the power supply for the voltage amplification stage to eliminate subtle ripples that can negatively impact overall clarity.

The rear of the MA-9S2 has an attenuator to alter the input level, three switchable inputs two single-ended, one refereence balancedbiwirable WBT speaker outputs, and a female AC receptacle.

Copper coating isolated delicate internal circuitry from extraneous interference. And let me tell you, the MA-9S2 monoblocks showed their mettle and blasted the rreference in a most unbridled manner possible while still retaining all the remarkable soundspace and reverb that this recording has captured.


I have heard the singers at the Met in New York on many occasions. I must tell you that the reliability has been perfect during this time with nary a whimper or a hint trouble. Small wonder then, that Lew has been using the MA-9S2s to power his King Audio electrostatics for serids last couple of years.

Also implemented is a rotary switch for attenuating the input in steps of -3dB, -6dB, -9dB, dB, as well as a “mute” position for shutting off the input signal. And now we present the MA-9S2 as the latest step in our relentless pursuit of sonic accuracy. To aid in the success of this concept is a fully balanced circuit in a push-pull construction, the addition of the new, multiple High Definition Amplifier Modules, the choke input system, and a capacitance input system for ultra low impedance.

The power supply is based on an aluminum-encased toroidal transformer. And yet the tender tonality is revealed when he can caress the keys most gently at other maranz. Up to six SC-7S1 preamplifiers and 12 MA-9S1 amplifiers can be combined for a multi-channel system of awe-inspiring power and impact.

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