For those wanting a Vitamix, but not needing advanced features, the new offering in the Explorian Series is great. And will the ice blade work just like the wet for most applications? No question, the latest and greatest Vitamix, which features flat panel controls, is the pick. That said, none of the tasks you mentioned require this machine to be run on low for extended periods of time. My opinion , save the money and just get the Vitamix Ben, thanks for the nice words about the site. Can I use the older Dry container on my G-Series machine? How much strength do you need so just make smoothies?

Who the E might be for: Is Vitamix Worth The Price? Also dry ingredients can scratch the plastic of the wet container. The most visible difference with the G series blender is the low-profile container that allows these Vitamix blenders to fit under normal kitchen cabinet height. I took a look at the video, and I see what you meant regarding the sizes of the two blenders. Most of the recipes are simple and stick to a basic formula of leafy greens, fruit, and water. Another difference between the Vitamix and the CIA Professional Series is the former comes in more variations than the later.

Hope that helps answer your question. The Vitamix Pro is the profsssional choice for those without interest in the Smart System blenders. All the reputable brands will be find for blending anything you can put in the blender so it comes down more to features and quality when comparing similar strength blenders.

Check pricing and availability of refurbished. It is becoming a serious necessity.

Comparison of Vitamix Models 2019 (Which Vitamix to Buy)

Thus, a reconditioned Pro is my pick for Grandma. If Vitamix blenders are so great then why do they have returns? The difference is how much effort you will have to put in and whether or not you can multitask along the way. Matthew, all Vitamix models will be virtually indistinguishable for this function. I decided to purchase a high end blender. Thanks for the rundown- just 2 questions from me: The container has an ergonomic, soft grip handle that makes it especially easy to pour.


I still think the Nutribullet is good enough as a personal blender. Which model would you suggest. Camelia, thank you for the nice words about the site. It comes in seriees variety of colors and with two different package options. This is a great way to get the ultimate Vitamix setup.

Abe, thanks for the nice words about the site. In comparing the Vitamix vs they look very similar.

Whereas, the old method is you can only pulse at 2 speeds high and low. The Ascent Series is going to be around for a long time. I can see why Vitamix would not offer a glass container, but why not offer those who do not wish to use plastic in any form, a carafe made of stainless steel? There can be no other place or reason for it.

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I purchased the model. Is the THAT much more quieter in person than the ? Thanks so much for your answer!

Jane, you are correct professiojal that the comes with the smaller container. Only 2 newer models and in the C-series have the new stronger 2. If this applies to you, contact me for more details on how to arrange for one of these models.

There are a number of products under the Vitamix brand. The downside of the 64oz low profile container is that it can struggle to properly blend small batches. I have twin sisters who are 15 months younger than me. Blender Dude, for doing this public service, to enlighten everyone to the wonder of the Vitamix.


We really did love the A Most people who are researching Vitamix blenders are looking at the full-size countertop models and not at the S Series line.

There are just some slight advantages of the different containers that you should understand. This is largely a byproduct of how long you allow your recipe to blend. The has a more traditional look with the taller, narrower ounce container with a 3-inch wide blade assembly.

Comparison of Vitamix Models (Which Vitamix to Buy) • Life is

Nana, the G-Series is not yet available in Australia to the best of my knowledge. I am also from Romania and I will like to know from your experience with VM Hi, I am looking at a Vitamix and your review has been really helpful but I have a question.

Noise-level is very loud when the variable is on This number is not a model, but it fs refers to the color of the blender. There are three types of control panels on different models of Vitamix blenders. However, my guess is there are probably other factors that are important to you, too.

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